Thursday, August 29, 2013

Make Your Own Aloe Vera Gel!

Under the category of "Good to know!", you can make your own aloe vera gel!
How To Make Aloe Vera GelThanks to, we can now make our own aloe vera gel!
Aloe vera tel is great for treating sumburns, acne, elminating stretch marks, and fighting aging. Hello! where do I sign up? :)  It's the perfect "all around, natural" cure (or at the very least, help).
Visit to learn how!

What I've Been Up To

Hi everyone :) Wow do I miss my Shades of Safhire blog!
So what have I been up to ?
I started a new blog for couponing called Calvary Couponers. My hope when I first built the blog was to eventually link it to this and let the two complement one another once I got the new one established and running and wow is it running! It's taking so much time! There's NO shortage of content about couponing :) That new blog is Calvary Couponers (
   I'm starting to really get the itch to get back to my crafting (off the computer lol...I've been super busy at digital crafting...the blog :) ) and as each blog has an area for crafts and each blog has an area for tips, I plan to link the two together for those topics.
   So, I hope to be posting much more often on this blog. I miss all my readers here and those who have messaged me and commented to my blog here.
   Since I posted here, a number of things have happened.  If you'll remember, I have one child, a 10 year old son with autism named Evan.  Evan had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy back in May. We'd been putting it off as long as possible due to his lack of speech and not knowing if he would understand that he HAD to drink after surgery or he could dehydrate and have to stay in the hospital.
   I'm proud to say, he did AMAZING :) I had a talk with him the night before surgery and told him it was definitely going to hurt for a while, but it wouldn't always hurt and that it was really important that he drinks after surgery or he would have to stay in the hospital.  He kept very intent eye contact with me as I was telling him all about this and had a worried look on his face, but he seemed to understand. I was a nervous WRECK during the surgery until I saw him when we were called back. He had already drank something! He drank well in recovery and even had two popsicles before we went home. I'm so so proud of my little guy :)
   Then about a month ago, my husband had another surgery.  (If you've read my blog before, you may remember that my husband had a kidney transplant a few years ago.)  He had to have a parathyroidectomy.  Everyone has four parathyroid glands and normally they are the size of a grain of rice. His were many times bigger than that and it was making his calcium levels off the chart high. They removed 3 1/2 of his parathyroid glands and now his calcium level is where it should be.
   I'm an administrator of 3 Facebook groups for couponing, once of which has grown so much I had to stop approving members for now and create another group.
   I miss seeing all your updates and I hope to reconnect with you all !

God bless,
Helen :)


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