Monday, October 29, 2012

Thrifty Christmas Crafting - Ornament Wreaths

My pastor's wife messaged me on Facebook the other day and told me about a Goodwill near her (and about 15-20 minutes from me).  She said they had a lot of yarn "cheap". Broke Thrifty girl that I am, a few days later I headed over there after physical therapy with my husband and sure enough...SCORE (to be continued in another post).  I did get yarn, but I found a lot of other goodies too :) For now, this is only part of what I did with it:

Shades of Safhire - Ornament Wreath-large

It's difficult to tell in these pictures, but this one above is a large wreath made with average-sized bulbs. I will be trying to sell this one.

Shades of Safhire -Ornament Wreath small 
This one in the photo above is a small wreath made with really small bulbs. It was my first attempt and there are some imperfections that warrant keeping it for myself hehe :)

I followed directions similar to HERE
The hardest part was lining the ornaments up correctly, but my biggest bit of advice is do NOT skip the part about gluing the bulb hanger to the bulb. I learned that if you don't, when you are hanging the bulbs and they get close together, they WILL fall off and it isn't always easy to get them back on without knocking even more bulbs off :)


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