Friday, September 7, 2012

My Header Image

   I designed my header image with my heritage in mind.  The image on the left is a little country church.  It isn't the very church my grandpa pastored, but it looks very much like it.  That's my mom's dad.  My dad's dad was a pastor too. I was raised by two preacher's kids :)  One was a southern Baptist (Freewill Baptist) preacher and the other was a Pentecostal preacher.  I'm told that the two could get together and discuss the Bible and never once argued. That's a heritage to be proud of!
   The image in the middle of the porch swing reminds me of my great grandpa's house in the mountains of South West Virginia.  It's "up in the hollars" as my family would say :)  My great grandpa built the house himself.  He ran a sawmill by day and taught music lessons at night when he wasn't traveling around to various churches with his children (my grandmother being one of them) singing for the Lord.  He had a porch that wrapped around his house (though nowhere near as nice as the one in this picture) and they had a swing on it.  The porch overlooked the hollars (the dips and valleys in the forested area of the mountains.  I was there one time myself and swung on that swing and overlooked God's creation and I remember it well.  I've heard numerous stories from family members of great grandpa and the heritage I was born into.  Great grandpa lived to be just barely shy of 100 years old.
   The image on the right is lilacs.  I grew up myself in North Central Ohio and we had two huge lilac trees when I was in school.  I used to play under them every day when the weather permitted and I would break off sampling to take to my teachers quite often.  Oh how I loved the scent of fresh lilacs.  When I was in high school, the city had to tear my beloved lilac trees down to make room for the new sewer system. I still miss them but a few years ago my  husband planted some tiny lilac trees in our yard and I look forward to them growing up and getting big enough to offer that wonderful fresh scent and beautiful blooms again!
   So, the image is a collage (of sorts) of my heritage.  A snippet of what matters to me.  Faith, Family, and Fresh Fragrance!


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