Monday, September 17, 2012

Sick and Still Plodding Along with My Blog Design

   Well Evan definitely has strep.  How do I know?  Because he was a considerate little boy and shared it with his mommy (how thoughtful of him! :)  ) Now I have it too! I started feeling sick with a sore, scratchy throat last night, coughing a dry barking cough, feeling woozy and listless, and just plain icky.  Given my husband's weakened immune system after his kidney transplant last year, I can't be too careful; so I went to the local hospital's ER (it was Sunday and my doctor was closed) to get checked out and sure enough...strep.  I got a big OUCHY shot in the keester. I am in the bedroom ever since then so I can keep my distance from my husband till it's been 24 hours since the shot and then I'm not contagious anymore.  I'm sucking on Everlasting Gobstoppers (hard candy) nonstop to help keep my throat moist and slightly less sore.  Just when I think my throat isn't as sore anymore, it kicks in again and proves me wrong.  I just feel...well...there's that "word" again:  icky.

While I'm confined to my bedroom (which isn't so bad as my computer is in here, a 36" TV and the master bathroom) when I'm not laying down resting, I'm on here trying to get my blog straightened out.  What a challenge!  I switched to a different template night before last.  The first one just wasn't setting right to me. I wasn't sure what it was that was bothering me about the first one till I got going with this one, but now I know.  It was too much green for a blog called "Shades of Safhire" :)  So this one has spaces between the modules so you can see the blue background.  Now I'm trying to fix everything that didn't align right in the move to the new template.  Like the images in the sidebars (to the right). The images are sliding off to the right. I've been scouring the web trying to figure out how to center them! will have to wait till I get some more rest. I'm wiped.

Have a blessed Monday, everyone,



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