Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today's Creativity

What's today's creativity? You're looking at it!  Wow is this blog creation stuff a head-scratcher :)  Do I have 3 columns or 2?  How do I adjust the image header height, where do I put this gadget or that gadget, how do do I....Should I link to this thing or that thing?  Arghhhh :) LOL  Actually I'm enjoying the creativity part of it all, but you must know something. I'm a little anal. I'm self-taught at this :)  If I can't figure out how to do something, I'm scouring the web for a tutorial or explanation on this blog or that web site or what have you until I find the answer.  Fortunately I'm taking massive intense notes in Word and saving screen shots too. Hopefully if an issue comes up I've already dealt with, I can refer to my notes there :)  Onward and upward!

For my first template, I think it looked too congested and it didn't give me enough room for my regular posts to look right.  Now I have to re-align my side bar stuff. Ugh :)

My Blog Design (First Draft)


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