Saturday, September 15, 2012

Perfect Doxie Pic for today!

   Ok, one more post because this is heritage-related :)
  My friend Julie sent me this picture on Facebook.  She knows I have mini doxie (dachshund) named Rudy and how much I love doxies.  But I don't think she knew how much more meaning this picture would have to me :)

Doxies with crocheted scarves asking "Is Grandma Gone Yet?"

  My sister and I had to wear dresses when we were little (the whole both grandpas being a preacher thing) and we'd be outside playing in our shorts and see grandma and grandpa driving up the road and we'd hightail it to the house to put our dresses on! :)

   So how perfect is this image for me? LOL  Thanks Julie Gantt!! I love it :)

  Oh...and not to mention that they have CROCHETED scarves on! SOO cute :)



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