Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stubborn Sick Boy

So we take my son Evan (who is 9 and autistic) to the walk-in clinic.  He's been sick the past several days with a runny nose and sneezing and just seems to be feeling icky (I don't know if he has a store throat or not since he doesn't talk and seems to be eating things that you'd think would hurt to swallow if you had a sore throat).  His classmate's mom called me last night and told me her son has strep.

I go into a bit of panic mode because my husband just had a kidney transplant last year and is on anti-rejection medication and is more susceptible to getting sick than he used to be (compromised immune system). So my husband slept on the twin bed in my craft room in the basement last night while I sat up with Evan (sleeping next to me while I worked on this blog) so he wouldn't be breathing in anything Evan may have last night. we take him to the walk-in clinic (because of course it has to be a weekend when his doctor is closed). They wanted to do a strep swab on him to test him for strep.  The little booger would NOT open his mouth to be swabbed.  So they call in for reinforcements a nurse to come in and help hold him down.  That didn't work.  So they called in the doctor who sat and held Evan down.  With FOUR of us holding him down, he wasn't going anywhere, but that didn't stop him from crying and clamping down his jaw like a vice grip. Arghh. The little booger :)

So after four grown adults give up trying to get in that little mouth, the doctor wound up just writing him a prescription for anti-biotics just in case.  He told me it's normallly a 10-day treatment and to only give hi 5-days worth unless he still seems sick after that, then give him the rest of the doses. So he MAY have strep and may not and my husband gets to sleep in my craft room again tonight till Evan has been on the antibiotics for 24 hours to be on the safe side.

This autism mommy and wife of a transplant husband is not easy, let me tell ya! :)

Back to working out the rest of the blog bugs. Have a great day everyone!!



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