Friday, September 14, 2012

Rudy makes me take a break!

My dog Rudy decided to plop down and lay his head down on my keyboard and take a nap :)  Maybe he's telling me to take a break from all the staring at codes and graphics and websites and blogs and google searches and pay some attention to him! :)

My Doxie, Rudy, laying his head on my laptop

He may be right :)  I've been working on the graphic, codes, and image map for my social networking icon box (on the right side) all afternoon and just got it fixed a little while ago.

This blog creation stuff is addicting and fun, but my brain is getting fried :) I'm looking forward to getting all the bugs worked out and the bells and whistles in operating order so I can get to the business of regular posts and crafting!  Oh, and promoting my site so there's someone here to read it. That might help :)

Off to play with my puppy :)



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