Thursday, September 20, 2012

Prayer Request for My Husband

   I just got home with my son after taking my husband to the hospital with a blood sugar reading of over 600 (the glucometer stops at 600). They transported him to a different hospital to admit him to put him on an IV insulin drip.  He had a kidney transplant last year and is on a lot of medication including anti-rejection medication that drives your blood sugar up.  It wreaks havoc with his blood sugar..ugh.
   I would have stayed with him, but my 9-year old son (who is also autistic) was with me and they wouldn't let him into the ICU anyway.  So we came home to get some rest and I'm trying to get my son to wind down now and get some more sleep and I jumped on here while letting him watch a little TV to help him wind down a little and hopefully get sleepy.
   Anyway...would you please keep my  husband, Greg, in your prayers?
  One thing I think is responsible is that he had a cortisone shot in his knee yesterday morning and that's a steroid which is bad for blood sugar as well. I knew that after having had them in my own knees.  The orthopedic surgeon he saw never even told him that could happen.
   I don't know if anyone reads this blog yet other than three friends of mine, but for anyone who reads this, would you please pray for him?  Thanks!!

UPDATE:  Greg was kept overnight and till early evening the next day and was allowed to come home on the condition he checks his blood sugar levels 4 times a day instead of 3 and increases his injections of insulin. He's tired, but his blood sugar is down to the mid 200's.  Still high, but not deadly high like it was. Thanks for any prayers that went up for him from anyone who read this :)  It was just ONE MORE THING...know what I mean??  arghhh :)


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