Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SO Close!

I'm SO CLOSE to being happy with the way my blog looks :)  If I could JUST get those images in my sidebars over there ---> to be centered in their section and not sliding off to the right into the sunset of cyberspace, I'd be super happy.

UPDATE:  Never mind! :)  After getting some sleep and looking at it again, I 
decided to take all my buttons and change them to have a drop shadow so
it would look like they were popping up out of the page (as opposed to sliding
off into the sunset) :)  Having changed the gadget background to a light blue to
blend into the background image and shadowing the buttons, I'm happy now :)

The other thing I'd love is to be able to make the background behind my "Let's Buddy Up" graphic transparent!

UPDATE:  I still want to figure that out yet, but later tonight I plan on putting a shadow
around that too, so it pops out like the buttons do.

Oh, and I need to center my header graphic, but Photobucket wasn't cooperating with my image tonight, so I'll try again tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Something else I will do when I get back online tonight.  Both this and
the "Lets Buddy Up" graphic have to be made into image maps (after I add
the shadow to the Lets Buddy Up graphic-the header already has one) so
they take a little longer to do and I'm going to log off and and GET CRAFTING
after I edit this post! Yay!!

I got a lot done today, however, and since I changed the sidebar gadget background to light blue, it looks better.

I posted asking for help at several blog tutorial sites and I think I'm just going to sit back for now and wait to see if someone replies.  I'm burned out doing Google searches and digging around and playing with html codes and whatnot.  I want to be back to the business of crafting something other than MY BLOG :)

It's almost time to try to promote it, but I've been holding off till I get it "just so" :)  My friend Morado called me a bull dog :)  That I just keep going and going till I accomplish what I set out to do.  I think that's a good thing! Sometimes... ;)

I'm off to pay some attention to my much-neglected Pinterest boards for a bit and then slide into the sheets. My brain is telling me it's in overload and needs to rest too!

Have a great Wednesday everyone! (If anyone is reading this blog yet anyway hehe).


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