Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This Week's Craft Projects

I'm all set to get crafting!  Here are this week's projects:


I got the idea from the cover of this magazine:
Better Home and Gardens Holiday Crafts magazine 2012

I plan to make a few of those too, but then I got the idea to make the same pillow only using the pattern I created for some yard art I made last year:
Santa Bowing down to Baby Jesus yard art

So I already had the graphic on my computer, so I opened up my graphics program and shrunk the pattern for Santa bowing down to Baby Jesus to fit onto a 16 x 16-inch pillow.  I got the felt in the colors I need and I used my graphics program to "dissect" (if you will) the various colors in the image and have those printed out and ready to cut the pieces out in felt and piece them together to make a pillow top.  I got some red fleece in the remnant section of the craft store and will use that as the back of the pillow instead of felt (I think it will be more comfy), but otherwise use the same techniques in the instructions for the snowman pillow the magazine gives. I'm planning to start on this when I get up tomorrow morning, so wish me luck! :)


This is a second project I have the supplies to do and I think it's just so pretty.  I'm like a cat when it comes to shiny things :)

Sequinned Light Bulb Ornament

I'm making this in Christmas Red, Kelly Green, Royal Blue (of course ;) ), Gold, and ...hmm...either purple of fuchsia.  I have the supplies to make about 2 of each color.

NO SEW FLEECE PET BLANKET (or throw for a human) :)

Here's my fleece fabric:

Doggy Patterned Fleece for No-Sew Blanket

It will have one pattern on one side and the other on the other side and the finished product will be like this (only in my patterns):

(This image borrowed from HERE)

I'll be a busy girl this week!


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