Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My First Etsy-bound Crafts :)

Here are a few crafts I just finished and will be using to open my Etsy store for the first time ever.  I'll be doing that tomorrow (as it's midnight now and I'm pooped!) :)

My first Santa bowing down to baby Jesus pillow finished.  You can't tell it well from the picture, but the tree is sparkly green felt and the white background is sparkly white felt. I need to take a picture of other side of it, but it's just red fleece.  I have a number of fronts of this done, but have to put the backs and trim on it and stuff them like this one.  I'm wondering about putting a star on the tree or some beads on the tree to make it look like ornaments or leave it as is.  My only concern about beads is that I don't want to have a choking hazard should a little one pull the beads off and put them in their mouths...  Also, I'm thinking the focus should be on Santa and Jesus and if I doll the tree up it might take away from that.  Hmm...what do you all think??

I'll have measurements and a picture of the backside ready tomorrow, and in the meantime I have to figure out a price for this one.

Shades of Safhire:  Santa Bowing down to Baby Jesus Pillow

My second craft project for my Etsy store is this fleece blanket.  It's 2-layered with one layers being red with dogs on it, and the other layer red with paw prints on it.  It's about the size for a baby blanket or a pet blanket.  I'll try to remember to measure it tomorrow too.

Shades of Safhire:  Dog-themed fleece blanket. Sized for as pet or baby.

Shades of Safhire:  Dog-themed fleece blanket. Sized for as pet or baby.

I'm just glad to have a few things done to open my Etsy store with for the very first time :)
Thanks for looking!


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