Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rotating Spice Rack Score

My family and I are regular shoppers at Sam's Club (no I don't work for them :) ).  So a few weeks ago, my son and I are in the food section shopping and as I turn a corner to go down the next aisle, the house goods department is right there next to us and I look over and catch a glimpse of this rotating spice rack. Memories of Pinterest and pinning links to my Craft Room/Zone board came back to mind and I remembered what a good idea I'd seen about using spice bottles for glitter shakers and for storing beads.  I meander over to 'just look" at it and noticed what a neat spice rack it is and it includes not only the spices in each bottle, but there's also a five-year free refill that comes with it and the whole thing is less than $20. You can't buy just the spices in the box alone for that price, let alone the spice rack too and definitely 5-years worth of spices! With the holidays (and my obsession with love of holiday baking coming up), I feel justified in buying it and I feel I got quite a score in the deal :)

Spice Rack Score from Sam's Club

So I buy the spice rack and bring it home.  I empty the contents of the containers into medication bottles and label it with duct tape (the first thing I could find), put the spices in my pantry and take the spice rack promptly to my craft room and fill the bottles up with glitter :)

Shades of Safhire -Repurposing a spice rack into a craft shaker rack

Shades of Safhire -Repurposing a spice rack into a craft shaker rack

It's PERFECT for glitter, beads, etc.  I plan to use the bottom row for beads after I empty the smaller amount of glitter I filled those bottles with.  It rotates and there's a choice of pour or sprinkle openings in the cap and also a removable cap with holes in it under the top cap. What a deal I got and what a thrifty gal I feel like today! :)


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