Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Monday's Mess and a Reminder to Pray for Help

   So Monday evening I have Bible study. It's important for me to be there as I'm on the leadership team, I lead a small discussion group portion of the lesson time and I record the leader's teaching (we're studying Joshua right now) and come home and put it up on the web site I maintain for the group.  Mondays are important to me!
   Well...I decide to kill two or three birds at the same time and run some errands before Bible study.  Smart, I thought.  It'll save gas, I thought.  So my plan was to stop at Home Depot and buy a sheet of plywood to use my handy dandy jigsaw (I love that thing) to cut out some sign shapes to paint and finish and make some Christmas signs to sell in my Etsy shop and wherever else.  Then I was going to go down the street to the drug store and pick up my husband's huge stash of medications for the month and then go on to Bible study.
   It ALMOST worked.
   Almost happened when I came out of Home Depot.  I had my sheet of plywood cut into 4th's (so I could fit it in my little car -we have no truck or van), I get it into the back seat floor of the car and get in the car.  I go to start the car to head down to the drug store and...nothing.  No sound like the engine was at least trying to kick over, no nothing.  Just two little lights on that stay on and that was it.
   I sat there for a while thinking maybe it was the security feature my car has that kicks in once in a while if I use my car alarm remote to turn unlock it and sometimes if I hit lock by mistake the security features activates and wont' let the car be started.  So you have to sit there for 15-20 minutes and then it will let you try to start it again.  But nope...I was there way past that time and it still wouldn't start.
   I go into Home Depot and ask if someone can give me a jump since I think it's the battery.  A nice customer who is waiting for a few keys to be made offers to jump my car while his keys are being made (that was so nice of him) but that didn't work. I thank him and get back in my car and pick up my phone.  By this time I'm all emotional (we have AAA but it had expired a few months back and we couldn't afford to renew it yet). I texted a dear friend of mine who is a Godly man and is always there for us and ask him to pray for me.  In the midst of texts back and forth with him, I realize I hadn't prayed MYSELF about it yet.  So I stop what I'm doing and pray for help.  I no more than said "amen" before I realized that I'm holding something in my hand that just might help.  My smart phone!
   I open the browser and go to Google and enter the make and model of my car and the symptom and of the possible answers is to put it in neutral and try to start it.  I put my car in neutral and it started right up!! Yayy!!
   So I cautiously drive down to the drug store and hesitantly turn the car off and go in and get my husband's medications.  $163 later (that's just our co-pay! and that's just a portion of his meds for the month...ugh) I get back in the car and whew!  It starts right up :) Hallelujah!
    However, it's too late to go to Bible study, so I had to miss that :(  (I'd called my leader and told her I wouldn't be there, so I'm sure the ladies there prayed for me too).
   We have only next week for Bible study now before we break for the holiday season.  The break will be nice and give me a chance to get some crafts made to sell and to give for Christmas gifts, but I'll sure miss my Bible study friends and the accountability I have to get in the Bible :)
   Pray my car holds out too! :)


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