Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My First Etsy Sale! / More Added to My Etsy Shop

Last night was a blessing and a flub-fix :)
   The Blessing was that I had my first Etsy shop sale! Yay! Someone bought one of my snowman heads :)
   The flub fix is that while I was reviewing my Etsy listings I noticed a HUGE goof I made in all 7 (at the time) of my listings to the point that nobody could view my listings!!  I had entered words in the tags area so people could FIND my listings, but hadn't clicked on "add" to add them, so nobody could find the things I had up for sale for the past MONTH! Doh! :)  I quickly fixed that in all my listings and edited the pictures and put new pictures up while I was there.
    The only way the first sale happened is that I shared a link with my Facebook friends.  I sure hope it's just the first of other sales. My little family could sure use a little help in the income department!
   Anyway...a few of you asked me if I was putting things I've created up on my Etsy shop for sale. I remember someone asking about the snowman mug hugs and someone else asked about other snowman heads.  I got all those up on my Etsy shop last night for sale, so they are there waiting on a new home :)
Thanks for your consideration!!
   Click on the image below to go to my Etsy shop:

Shades of Safhire Etsy Shop

And here is a quick thumbnail gallery of the images I have up for sale there so far:

Shades of Safhire Nov 6 2012 listings

Thanks for browsing!
(and if you've read my previous blog posts, you'll remember that the Santa Coaster [top second from left] used to look more Amish :)  I added a mustach and more hair to his beard, so he looks more like Santa now :)  )


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