Friday, November 2, 2012

No More Physical Therapy & Prayer Request

Today was my last day of physical therapy for my back (spinal stenosis). The bad news is that my insurance company paid for so much and wouldn't pay for any more (my physical therapist had already gotten an extension), and my therapist and I both thought I was at a point where PT had helped me probably as much as it was going to.

Last summer when my doctor told me he wanted me to have physical therapy, what he said was that he wanted me to have some physical therapy and there was a chance it might work and if it didn't, the next step would be surgery.  Well it DID help though I do still have a lot of back pain if I do much of anything, but if I can manage the pain with pain meds and a new TENS unit I just got today, I'd really like to hold off on going under the knife.  I've had so many surgeries already...ugh.

So pray the TENS unit does its job and that I can stave off any surgery.  I'm also dealing with advanced arthritis in both knees.  I go to the sports medicine doctor tomorrow ( for injections of synvisc (medication made from rooster combs) in both knees.  It will be the first of three weekly shots.

Also, my I took my husband to the ophthalmologist the other day.  He has something that's called a retinal vein occlusion that's basically a block of blood flow through the eye that was originally caused by untreated high blood pressure (let that be a lesson to you all to take your meds if your doctor prescribes them!).  His doctor said his eye is worse than the last time he was seen and would probably get worse and then just stop worsening at some point, but not get better.  He has an appointment with a retina specialist pretty soon to verify that.

For those new to my blog, there is a series of medical issues with my family.  My husband had a kidney transplant last year after having been on dialysis for about five years.  The complication he has as a result is serious problems with diabetes as the anti-rejection medication shoots the blood glucose level really high and it also leaves his immune system very compromised.  We also have one child, a son who is 9 and autistic.

I'd appreciate any prayer you can offer up :)


Still in His grip,


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