Friday, November 2, 2012

Snowman Heads and a Gingerbread Man

Today's project was to work on my snowman heads some more, but I also crocheted a gingerbread man while watching TV with my family.

Here's what I have done so far with the snowmen:
I was inspired by the post over at The Idea Room HERE  After doing the four I have cut out already, I realize I need to make the faces longer so the mouth is up higher.  But here's what I have for now:

This one is pretty much done. The hat is a little small because I used my son's sweater sleeve from when he was littler instead of an adult sweater sleeve. I think it gives him personality though :)

Shades of Safhire - Fleece snowman head

This one just needs a hat yet. (I'll make that out of the fabric laying on the right folded up).
Shades of Safhire - Fleece snowman head (in process)

And last but not least, here's my little crocheted gingerbread man I made earlier.  He's about 9 inches tall or so and I got the pattern from HERE, but I made him with regular worsted yarn and not the No. 10 thread the pattern called for.

Shades of Safhire - crocheted gingerbread man

I probably won't be posting tomorrow (later today) as it's pay day and we have a lot to do, but who knows :)  I'm pretty much posting to myself it seems anyway :) (Getting followers is like pulling teeth it seems!!!)


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