Monday, January 7, 2013

One Word - My One Word for 2013

   I've been seeing posts from others about choosing and claiming ONE WORD to be your goal for yourself for 2013.  In honor of my first attempt at Project Life (and for something to create as I await my kit in the mail) I created this graphic to go on my first page of my album.
   I didn't have to think at all for what my word would be.  My word is BALANCE.
   I've always been an "All-or-Nothing" kinda girl and that's messed me up more times than I can count. If I could get my life in balance, it would be so much better!  If I could balance my interests, responsibilities, eating, spiritual life, online time, crafting (you name it!) I could be so much more productive and fulfilled, I think.
   So I guess you could call this my first freebie I'm sharing :)  This is a 4 x 6 printable that fits perfectly in the Project Life page protectors.  Feel free to use it, if you'd like. I just ask that you don't sell it or claim it as your own :) Just right click the image to save it.

   Once I begin my album (after it arrives), I plan to choose one day of the week to share my layouts and to focus on Project Life.  I hope to make some Project Life friends along the way as well!


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