Friday, January 4, 2013

Project Life and more in 2013

   Ok gang, I just committed to doing Project Life this year for 2013. I love scrapbooking and over the years I've become quite the digital scrapbooker. But I'm way way behind! I've been contemplating doing Project Life for the past 6-7 months or so now, but have been holding off till the start of the new year to begin in January.
   Do any of you do Project Life?  I'd LOVE to hear your experience with it! I'm going with the Amber set.
   Don't know what Project Life is?  Well I have Becky Higgins' handy dandy YouTube video to share with those of you who don't :)

And here is one by someone who has done Project Life and explains it thoroughly:

So what is an avid digital scrapbooker doing with Project Life?  Ok well here's my plan :)

With Project Life you can have things ready to go and just put them in the slots along with your pictures. The journaling cards already done makes it's a much faster process. I'm super anal with my digital scrapbooking and it makes me tend to take way too long to get things scrapped, HOWEVER, I really LOVE the creative process of designing layouts with my own designs and whatnot, so I plan to incorporate the speed of Project Life with an occasional digital layout here and there along with it (maybe in the same binder, maybe in a different one, I haven't thought that far ahead yet). That way I'm more likely to get an entire year scrapped instead of a file of pictures I intend to digitally scrap but isn't done yet. (I got married in 2001 and that album STILL is not done!)

AND....since I got my brand new handy dandy Silhouette Cameo, I can design some of my own journaling cards, etc. digitally, print them out and cut them out with my Cameo as well.  But if I don't follow through on the crafting of a lot of my own cards, I'll have the Project Life cards to keep me up to speed  :)

I hope to be really creative and crafty this year including posting some of my own digital scrapbooking layouts and elements to share (and possibly sell depending on how things go) as well.  I've been doing digital scrapbooking since I was pregnant with my son in 2002 and I love working with computer graphics.

In my next post, perhaps I'll share some links to some of the layouts I've done (if I can remember where I have them online...TwoPeas I believe.)


Since the holidays, I've been super busy rummaging through paperwork and filling out forms to take to a very important meeting on January 15th as well as working on painting a lighthouse scene on a window (a real glass window) for a friend from church.. (I'll post pics of that process once it's done...I've been super nervous about that as I've never painted on glass before!)  

Tomorrow (er...later today as I see it's well after midnight now... Yikes!) I will be spending the majority of the day un-decking the halls :) As much as I LOVE Christmas, this one was particularly rough for my family and I and I'm eager to get back to some normalcy.  My son goes back to school on Monday and my women's Bible study group reconvenes on Monday night, so my hope is to have all the Christmas stuff taken down and put away and all the papers gathered and filled out by Monday.  I want to get my craft room straightened up and work on getting things better organized at home as well. I'm sure you'll be hearing about that along the way.  Oh, and my husband has the outpatient procedure to remove that nasty kidney stone on Friday too. I'll be glad when that whole saga is behind us!

Have a great weekend! Oh, and if you live anywhere the northern part of the US, stay warm!! (It was 7 degrees here the past two nights! Ouch!) :)


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