Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Very Positive Dr.'s Appointment for my Son!

We had a regular follow-up appointment yesterday with my son, Evan's developmental neurologist. It was a very good and encouraging visit! The Dr. was with us for about half an hour. He talked to Evan a lot and examined him. He asked us about progress and whatnot. He said he is very encouraged by Evan's "constitution" and thinks its very possible Evan could speak eventually. He wants us to talk to his speech therapist about a program we can do at home. He also told us that the rates of autism have shot up from 1 in 110 to now its 1 in 88 :( He said in a couple of months there will no longer be a diagnosis of Aspberger's as it will all be changed to be under the umbrella of ASD (autism spectrum disorder). He said the fact that Evan showed such nice empathy to me the day the usher at our church was so hateful to us and had me so upset and that Evan has been sharing a lot more is great signs of progress. He was pleased with Evan's eye contact and how very present he was with him (not at all in a world all his own).  Daddy is supposed to take the lead with potty training now too. (Evan is 9 years old, but not too interested in potty training still...)

So all in all it was a super good appointment as far as Evan goes :) Thank you, Jesus!

I told the doctor (who is so very nice and very thorough) to be square with me.  I didn't want to be in denial or have false hope either. I wanted his honest opinion of what he sees with Evan.  He said, "No, really, I see a lot of hope here. He has a really good constitution, so there's a lot of hope for our Evan."  I'm assuming by "constitution" that he meant his presence of mind, eye contact, sharing skills that are just beginning, his empathy, etc..  

So at least for the time being, I'm thrilled to be able to breath a sigh of relief and hold on to the hope that I may hear my sweet boy's voice call me mommy one day after all :)  That would be the thrill of my life! :)


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