Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Attempting to Create a Planner/Binder (or two) :)

Remember my "Word of the Year"?  BALANCE.
Yeah...I really DO need to work on that! I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off lately both physically and mentally.  I have so many things I want to get done and so many things I want to craft that my head is spinning in all kinds of directions and, as usual, I'm zoning in on ONE THING to the sake of all the other things. I really need some...well..balance!! :)

Today I'm on the pursuit of developing a planner/binder for myself.  I'm scouring Pinterest and saving links and graphics to my favorite things and brainstorming what I want to set up for ME.  I'm trying to keep in mind PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION :)


In my digging around and brainstorming, I've landed on a handful of really great blogs and web sites that have piqued my motivation to create my own planner or binder and some great downloads that I can tinker around with to form pages for my own needs.  Check them out:

I'm sure I'll be adding more as I go along :)  If you want to see the links I've pinned in my brainstorming/research, check out my Pinterest Board for ideas:

I have no doubt that will be growing along with time as well :)

Do YOU have a favorite system that works for you?? If so, share it in my comments section!

My goal as of right now is to make a 
1.  combination planner/home management planner and 
2.  a blog planner (as you can see, I've been inconsistent here lately - sorry about that :) )

Stay tuned for my progress :)
I'm hoping to have it ready to bind on Friday (February 1st).  A month late for most planners, but December's crises really threw me a month behind!

When contemplating whether to even set up a planner for myself, at first I thought it would make me even more anal (in perfecting my planner/binder) which would be even more time consuming, but a counselor friend of mine told me it would be the opposite.  If I create a plan tailored exactly for me and have it as pretty and graphically crafty as I want it to be, I'm more than likely to follow it. Also, she said that having a schedule to try to stick myself to would keep me from flying around in all different directions (physically AND mentally!) and not getting done what I want done.  So...I'm going to try it ;)  

Say a prayer that this works for my family and I! :)

P.S.   For household chores (which I definitely need to improve on as I have a much more "Mary" frame of mind than a "Martha" and though Jesus praised Mary, there certainly is a need for Martha too!) I downloaded an ap for my android phone a few months ago (it's available for i-phones too) called MOTIVATED MOMS.  I downloaded it a few months ago, but haven't implemented it yet with all that's been going on.  I hope to begin it on Monday though (after a busy Friday and weekend coming up).  Check out that ap. I'll post a review as I use it and let you know how I like it. I love how it's laid out so far and it's customizable (which I definitely need).


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