Monday, February 4, 2013

Be careful buying craft supplies in online auctions!

So a friend of mine and I were surfing around on Top Hatter.  Haven't heard of it?  It's a craft supplies (and other things) auction site.  I'd mentioned to her that I wanted to stock up on some washi tape. My friend (the sweet helpful friend that she is) sees this auction for a lot of "washi tape".  She sent me the link and here are the pictures that were posted of what you might get if you have the winning bid:

Ok, so not the most amazing washi tape I've ever seen, but pretty for $5 plus $3 shipping. I could put it to good use. You get ten rolls.  Maybe I'll luck out and get the polka dot and striped rolls, who knows.  So I bid and won. Yay me! is what I wound up unwrapping when it arrived:

The left picture shows the rolls I received compared to a roll of regular "washi tape" I got from Archivers (awesome, but at $2.99 a roll, that could really break the bank if you bought several rolls).  Hardly anything on the rolls!!  That's not the worst of it...the picture on the right...well you can see what greeted me when I unrolled the tapes.

Cram Cream???  Um...huh?? 
"New Birth:  From Simple to Complex Life Body Cells"
(sounds like advertising to me)
Two rolls have "Gini Rabbit" written on it. Huh?

Does this look like "washi" tape to you?  Or even "washi-type" tape???

What tape there is there has a very shiny gloss.  It's a high-gloss plastic, not rice paper or fabric like washi tape.  I'm not a happy camper.  Just $5 plus $3 shipping or not, it's certainly not what I was expecting.

I contacted the seller tonight and also spoke to a customer service staff member.  I'll let you know what I find out...


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