Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mickey Mouse crocheted hat

Tonight I finished the crocheted Mickey Mouse hat I made for my great niece Payton for Christmas.  She turns 3 in January and just loves Mickey :) I hope she likes it.  You can find the original pattern HERE, but I did the ears and buttons differently and had to enlarge it for a 3-year old (the pattern goes up to 9 months).  Here's the pic of the one I made;

Shades of Safhire -Crocheted Mickey Mouse hat with revision

What I did with the ears is, I had these plastic cd-shaped disks (the kind that sit on top of a spindle of blank cd's or dvd's) that I'd kept thinking there would be a time they'd come in handy and they just did :)  I crocheted the ears with two sides and sewed the two sides together with the plastic disc inside to keep it rigid.  I also crocheted the white buttons instead of using real buttons to try to cut back on the potential of a choking hazard for little ones.
   I think it turned out pretty cute :)  That's one Christmas gift to check off :)


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