Monday, December 3, 2012

My husband -update

   My husband's diagnosis has been changed from urinary tract infection to BLOOD infection.  I'm really very frightened... please pray for him. His name is Greg.   Thanks in advance :)
   Greg's nephrologist (kidney doctor) came in before I left the hospital. He said he suspects it all started out as a urinary tract infection and then spread into his blood stream so that now he has a blood infection. He said Greg is on antibiotics that are safe for his new kidney. Greg's creatine level has been 1 pretty faithfully since his transplant in May 2011, but now it's 2.1. However, it was 2.1 on Tuesday when I took him to the ER the first time and it's still 2.1, so it's stable so the doctor said his new kidney is safe for now. I asked him what could cause the infection to begin with and he said anything. He said Greg is on 3 different anti-rejection medications and that compromises his immune system and it doesn't take much. He said at this point all we can do is let the antibiotics do their work and wait and hope for the best. He is a very tall, Egyptian doctor named Dr. Eltayeb. He's very nice and even hugs Greg from time to time. I asked him if there was anything in the home life that could have caused this to happen (being exposed to our son who had a bug a few weeks ago and Greg should have slept apart from him like I told him, but he didn't; and my mom was sick on Thanksgiving when she came to our house but it was bronchitis). He said it could have just been anything
   I just got my little guy (son, Evan) to sleep and he was laying here crying for a few minutes before I played with him, cuddled him, sang and talked to him and rubbed his back and made it go away. I think he is confused and worried and missing his daddy. He is 9 and autistic but VERY present and not at all in a world all his own. He just can't I don't know his fears or what's going through his little mind. Right before I got him to sleep, he was looking into my eyes and moving his mouth in ways that's not normal for him. I think he was trying to talk...
Arghhh...I just took some pain meds for the pain in my back (from moving a hospital room chair for Evan and also toting all Evan's toys and my purse and stuff for Greg in and out of the hospital), so I'm hoping it kicks in soon and helps me shut my brain off till I have to get up and get Evan on the school bus and go back to the hospital. I've just spent some time in prayer, and am here till the meds knock me out. Zzzzzz


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