Monday, December 3, 2012

Today's update on my husband's crisis

My husband is scheduled for a scope in the morning at 7:30. They are going to go up into his urinary tract and see if they can determine the source of the blood infection so they can see what they need to do to correct the problem and help him recover.

At the moment...they suspect the oddest thing...  He had his kidney transplant May of 2011. His first two kidneys failed like this:  First,s the one was underdeveloped at birth and he didn't know that till he lost the use of the second one when he was on a roof doing a job and the customer moved the ladder and he fell 12 feet onto asphalt.  He was life-flighted to a major hospital that was too busy finding out his social security number and worker's comp information before they decided to try to save the kidney and by then, the kidney had died due to blunt force trauma caused lack of blood flow to the kidney.

Fast forward to May of 2011 when he had a transplant and then to now.  At the moment, doctors are suspecting that one of the old kidneys (which is now the size of a shriveled up walnut or meatball) is invading the new one possibly due to stones collected in it. I know...sounds strange to me, but that's what they hope to find out tomorrow.

I'm a nervous wreck in light of it all along with caring for our autistic son and going back and forth to the hospital and taking care of everyone and everything. THEN...the calls from the bank about our mortgage being behind began...and keeps on..  scary days :(

A few friends suggested I activate the "donate" page on my web site in case there are charitable organizations, church, etc. that could pray about helping us save our home...I'm very humbled...but did so...and that can be seen by clicking HERE (

We truly need a Christmas miracle :(

The main thing I ask is for continued prayers. The Lord always provides...somehow. Thank you all...



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